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The Mile after Mile podcast is inspiring interviews with everyday people doing amazing things in the world of endurance sports. The Mile after Mile podcast is created by Amy Stone to inspire runners and triathletes (like her). Amy is also the creator of
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Oct 19, 2020

Every so often I like to check in and chat directly with the listeners. I call this a solo episode. 

In this episode I update you with what I'm up to and what some of my previous guests have been up to.

Enjoy and I'll be back next week with more amazing guest interviews.

Oct 12, 2020

 Paul Aloe lives in New York and he runs the NYC marathon every year (that it’s offered).  


In fact, he and his wife might have the longest running NYC marathon streak for a married couple. 


We talk about what got him started in fitness and running. 


Paul has also done several triathlons including Ironman Lake Placid which he’s also signed up for in 2021. 


We talk about triathlon returning to his neck of the woods in New York. 


Paul shares what keeps him motivated to keep his streak of NYC Marathons going. 


Thank you Paul for being a guest and sharing your story. 


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Oct 7, 2020

This interview was originally recorded as part of a livestream on the Mile after Mile Podcast Facebook page. 

Bill Christy and Jillian Wilkins from Challenge North America join me to chat about the Challenge Daytona and Challenge Miami races.
Bill and Jillian tell us what makes Challenge Family unique. We talk about the format of the Challenge Daytona races including all the different events that happen. We talk about RVing in the stadiums. Seriously, how fun is that?
They share some of the really fun things they are able to do as part of the relationship with Nascar and the unique locations for these triathlons.
Bill Christy explains what the PTO is and how it relates to the Challenge North America races.
Jillian shares with us how age group racers can qualify for the Medium distance championship in Slovakia.
Thank you Bill Christy and Jillian Wilkins for joining me today on the Mile after Mile Podcast.
You can find information about Challenge Miami and register at
You can find all the episodes of the Mile after Mile Podcast at
You can keep up with Amy's adventures at 
Oct 5, 2020

Note: Some of the topics in today’s episode  include mental health and substance abuse, addiction and self harm. I tell you this in advance.   


The featured guest on Mile after Mile Podcast episode 102 is Tim Davis, triathlete, ultrarunner and author of the book, Tripolar.


  • We get to know Tim and learn about his early life and his start in substance abuse.
  • Tim shares his struggles with addiction and recovery.
  • Tim shares his mental health diagnosis. Tim shares what a Bipolar diagnosis means.
  • Tim shares how he got his start in endurance sports and how they help him maintain his stability. 
  • We talk about some of the longest endurance events he’s done and some that he hopes to do in the future.
  • Tim shares open and honest stories about his sobriety and relapses. 
  • We talk about staying med-compliant and the stigma of a mental health diagnosis
  • We chat about staying motivated and training during the pandemic with fewer races.
  • I ask Tim what his favorite format for ultramarathons is.
  • Tim has written a book called Tripolar - the story of a Bipolar Triathlete, with more in depth details about his experiences. 


Thank you Tim Davis for this open and honest conversation. 


You can find Tim and buy the book at

You can follow Tim on Instagram @tripolar_tim

You can find him on Twitter @ultratimdavis1

You can email Tim at


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You can find the host Amy at

Sep 28, 2020

Episode 102 is so much fun. I got to chat with Jeff and Hunter Leininger about adventure racing, the World’s Toughest Race Eco Challenge Fiji and their adventure racing company ARGeorgia.

  • Jeff and Hunter Leininger are a father-son pair and they talk about how they each got their start in the sport together and separately. 
  • Jeff Leininger is a race director so I ask him to teach me some general stuff about adventure racing. He and Hunter share a lot of information that is super helpful for anybody who is curious about adventure racing.
  • Jeff explains about USARA which is the United States Adventure Racing Association and ARC which is Adventure Racing Cooperative which are two resources for people interested in Adventure Racing. 
  • Hunter Leininger holds 4 national records (so far) in adventure racing and he shares what those are and how he got them. 
  • Jeff and Hunter talk about what skills are needed or desired to get started in adventure racing. 
  • Jeff explains what “peanut butter” is in adventure racing and what people might underestimate in adventure racing.
  • Jeff talks about navigation and how to learn that before you tackle adventure racing.
  • Jeff shares what an extreme level of training was required before Eco-Challenge which could be different from smaller local races. 
  • We talk about strategy in adventure racing and what you might experience in a smaller local adventure racing. 
  • Jeff talks specifically about packing for an adventure race and “packing your fears”
  • We talk about their World’s Toughest Race experience and what they are planning for the future. 
  • I ask a super specific question about the cold weather section on the tv coverage of World’s Toughest Race. They share a part of their story that was not on the show. 
  • I ask the very important question of is there a post race party after the World’s Toughest Race. 
  • Jeff and Hunter share the information about the races they put together in Florida and Georgia.

You can find Jeff and Hunter and ARGeorgia at or on instagram @ARGeorgia and you can find Hunter directly on instagram @hunterleininger 

Sep 21, 2020

Sonja Wieck was on episode 17 of the Mile after Mile podcast back in 2016. We chatted about her Norseman race. It’s a fantastic story.

Today we are going to talk about what she’s been up to since then - there’s been some big life stuff and some big fancy TV stuff. 

Sonja Wieck is the first podcast guest to come on the show TWICE. 

Sonja updates us on who she is and her amazing story in Ironman Triathlon racing.

We chat about building her coaching business and what happened there. 

We talk candidly about mental health and she is very open about her healing path. 

We talk about her amazing family and their love for National Parks.

We talk about her experience on the recent Amazon series the World's Toughest Race.

Sonja shares behind the scenes stories from applying to be on the race, training for the race, actually being in the race and finishing the race. 

Sonja has a new podcast of her own called Tales of Toughness you can find that wherever you listen to podcasts. 

You can also find her at 

Be sure to visit the podcast website for full show notes and to find ALL the episodes at

You can find Amy Stone the host of the podcast at 

Sep 15, 2020

If there is one thing I think we all know it’s that 2020 has been a crazy year. For people who participate in live sporting events it’s been unlike any other year I have ever known. 

There have been a lot of cancellations. A lot of doubt. A lot of uncertainty. 

In this past week in Miami where I live there has been a sudden and interesting shift. After 6 months of cancellations and deferrals all of a sudden race companies announced new races in Miami for 2021.   

Today on the podcast I’m happy to talk to local race producer Robert Childers about his new company Integrity Multisport and their tentative 2021 race schedule.

Rob is not new to producing events in Miami. So we start with a trip down memory lane and talk about when he started producing events and how long the different events have been around in Miami including the Trilogy Series on Key Biscayne and MiamiMan by the Zoo.

Rob Childers innovated triathlon timing in Miami and we talk about that and I ask him how that has changed since he started in the business. 

We talk about his new company Integrity Multisport and where they tentatively have events planned in 2021.

You can find Integrity Multisport online at They are also on Facebook. 

You can find the Mile after Mile Podcast including all the episodes and the show notes at 

This podcast was originally live streamed. That's new. If you have feedback about that please let me know.

You can find the host Amy and her adventures at 

Sep 14, 2020

Episode 99 of the Mile after Mile Podcast is Estate Planning Attorney Deanna Eble. 

As endurance athletes we spend weeks and months and years planning for our best race day. Today I talk to Deanna about how endurance athletes might want to  plan for a worst case scenario that could happen during training or racing. It’s not the easiest topic to talk about but it could be important. 

Deanna has a personal connection to endurance sports and she shares that with us. 

One of the resources she shared is the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys which can be found at 

Deanna is in New York and you can find her at


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Sep 7, 2020

Have you ever wondered why some people might cheat in races?

In episode 98 Amy speaks with Carrie Jackson Cheadle about the many possible reasons why people might cheat in endurance sports.

Carrie Jackson Cheadle is a mental skills coach who works with athletes in a variety of situations. This is a fascinating conversation about the things that might be happening that influence people’s behavior in different situations.

The purpose behind this interview is to learn and understand. Nothing we discuss is about any specific incident or presented with judgment about any particular person. We are talking about amateur athletes not professionals. The focus of this interview is not “doping” or medication but behavior like course cutting or bib swapping or just fabricating results in races. 

We talk about the challenge of handling big emotions, the pressure of the idea of embarrassment, having a high athletic identity. We talk about the psychology of suffering. Carrie shares different ways to evaluate performance and outcome and different mindset outlooks that impact how we feel and the decisions we make. 

This is a fascinating discussion. I hope that you enjoy listening. Thank you to my guest Carrie Jackson Cheadle for sharing with us today.

You can find Carrie at 

Carrie Jackson Cheadle  has a new book called On Top of your Game and you can find that on her website.

Carrie Jackson Cheadle  has a podcast called the Injured Athletes Club Podcast

You can find Carrie Jackson Cheadle on instagram at

You can find Carrie Jackson Cheadle on Facebook

Aug 31, 2020

Episode 97 of the Mile after Mile Podcast features triathlete and triathlon podcaster Lindsay Hiken. 


Lindsay shares with us how she got her start in triathlon. 


We talk about when and why she started the Age Groupies podcast.


Lindsay shares her Ironman Santa Rosa journey and how that lead to connecting with her Age Groupies co-host Mike Ergo. 


Lindsay and Mike are very open about their personal stories and journeys on the Age Groupie podcast. They talk about sobriety and mental health, and hot topics like Black Lives Matter and we talk about how that came about and how one of their episodes influenced the Mile after Mile Podcast. 


Lindsay shares with us some big things she is planning for the future. She shares her plans in sport and for the Age Groupies podcast. This includes a new project with Endurance Zone TV. 

You can connect with Lindsay Hiken through Instagram at and Age Groupies at and on Facebook at You can listen to the Age Groupies podcast wherever you listen to podcasts.

You can find all the episodes of the Mile after Mile Podcast at . You can catch up with the host Amy Stone at 

Aug 24, 2020

Hector Rodriguez was one of the final two runners standing in the Lone Mountain virtual event where the runners ran 1 mile every 15 minutes. 

We get to know Hector’s running story including when he started running and his amazing daily running goal.

Hector has some triathlons on his sport resume. So, of course I chat with him about that.

We talk about what his goals were for the Lone Mountain event.

We chat about his support team and how he stayed motivated right up until the very end. 

He shares fun stories of things that went wrong because this was a long event and things were bound to go wrong. 

He shares what he’s thinking of doing next. 

Both Hector and Jake Jackson were inspired by David Goggins - the name of his book is Can’t Hurt Me and you can find it wherever books are sold. 

You can follow Hector Rodriguez on Instagram @Hrod619

You can find all the podcast episodes and details at

You can find Amy at 


Aug 17, 2020

Jake Jackson is the guest on this episode of the Mile after Mile Podcast.

Jake Jackson was the last runner standing in the Lone Mountain Last Man Standing race put together by Aravaipa Running. 

Jake shares with us how he got his start in Ultra running and some of his favorite races.

The Lone Mountain event was virtual this year. It's a unique format and we chat about how it worked and where Jake ran his loops. 

He shares with us what some of his challenges were and  how he kept going for 37 hours which was 148 miles. We also talk a lot about how you stay motivated for that many hours. 

He also shares with us some of the races he’s hopeful to do in the future. 

You can find Jake and follow his adventures on instagram @ultrajakejackson

If you are curious about the Lone Mountain event you can find Aravaipa Running at

Aug 10, 2020

Episode 94 of the Mile after Mile Podcast features Mike Ergo.

Mike Ergo is a co-host of the podcast Age Groupies and he is an accomplished triathlete. 

We start his story with growing up in San Francisco and a few endurance local events including the world famous Bay to Breakers event. 

After high school Mike enlisted in the US Marine Corps. This is a significant element in his passion for endurance sports. 

Mike shares how some of his combat experience, how he felt coming home. He shares his personal story of PTSD and substance abuse when he came home. He’s very open about the personal struggles dealing with survivor’s guilt and trying to find his way forward. 

Mike’s path lead him to study to become a therapist and a counselor which is what he does today. He shares this story of the steps that had to come together to make this journey possible. 

We talk openly about how he got into therapy, how he got sober, how he found his way through.

In 2014 Mike Ergo was in Hawaii as a tourist and he saw a portion of the Ironman World Championship race. He shares how this experience lead him to want to complete an Ironman himself. 

In this conversation you will hear that service to others is at the root of what drives Mike forward. He shares how he discovered the organization Wear Blue - Run to Remember. Beginning with his very first race he has dedicated to fallen soldiers. There is a lot to this story  you will want to listen to hear him share this. 

Moving forward Mike has created a program called the Gold Star Initiative. He shares the story and it’s a special program.

We talk about the current racing situation and race cancellations and what he’s been up to. He has done his own Covidman duathlon and Pandemicman 70.3 which he did with a few friends on the Santa Rosa course. Mike shares what he’s loving about doing his own events. 

Mike cohosts the Age Groupies Podcast with Linsday Hiken. He shares how that started.

Their show will be featured on Endurance Zone TV.

You can find the Age Groupies Podcast on Apple Podcasts or on instagram or FaceBook @agegroupies

Mike also has a separate podcast called Transitions from War which you can find anywhere you listen to podcasts. You can find Mike Ergo on Instagram @transitions_from_war  or via email at 

Aug 3, 2020

Jay Ell Alexander joins the Mile after Mile Podcast today to talk about running, her personal running journey and all the way to the present. Jay Ell Alexander owns her own PR Firm, she is a new mom and she is the owner of Black Girls Run!

Her start in running started with a chat with her doctor to make some lifestyle changes to lower her blood pressure.  She jumped right into a 10k. Her favorite distance is a half marathon and she tells us why. She also chat about Ragnar and even Ragnar Trail.

She shares the origin of how Black Girls Run! Began as a blog and a simple call out to meet up at a run at the very famous Peachtree July 4th event in Atlanta and grew organically into a nationwide to 250,000 members, 190 ambassadors and 74 groups. 

We dive deep into the value of running clubs. Jay Ell Alexander says, “The pavement brings us together.” 

Jay Ell Alexander shares how BGR is structured and some of the great things they do with local events, a national conference, a signature national race which in 2019 was the Miami Marathon, and also what she calls “wrap around services” including connecting their members with run coaches, nutritionists, and even aid for running equipment and race registration fees. 

She shares how BGR grows which is interesting if you are looking to join. This a great example of how structure a big run club. 

We do talk about current events with Covid-19 Pandemic, Black Lives Matter and Amaud Aubrey being nationwide news to get a view or perspective from inside Black Girls Run!

She shares that they focus on creating a safe space for gender, skin color and pace. 

Thank you Jay Ell Alexander so very much for taking the time to share this information with us today.

Enjoy this great interview and here are links where runners, aspiring runners, brands/corporate organizations, and races can find and get involved with Black Girls Run!


Insta:  or @officialblackgirlsrun 



The Mile after Mile Podcast is hosted by Amy Stone. You can reach out to her to be a guest and share your story. You can find her personal adventures at 

Jul 31, 2020

This is a quick update to let you know that I'm back from vacation and new interview podcast episodes are on the way. 

Thank you for listening. 

Jul 6, 2020

In this episode, Amy (me -- the host -- who feels peculiar writing about herself in 3rd person) shares her thoughts on recent podcast episodes and a little peak behind the curtain of the podcast. 

Amy makes a shocking future prediction about the future of endurance events. Actually, not so much. She shares that she has no idea what might or might not happen in the future. 

Also, the podcast will be taking a short break over the summer and plan to return to production in August 2020. 

Thank as always for listening. 


Jun 29, 2020

Jackie Faye raced six Ironman races - each on a different continent - and all within one calendar year.

When I heard this story I knew this was a story for the Mile after Mile Podcast. 

In this episode, we get to know Jackie and her triathlon story. We talk about where this idea came from and how she hustled to make it happen. 

Jackie is also the founder of a non-profit called She Can Tri and she is launching a new clothing line called OneJanuary.

This interview is also recorded with perhaps the most geographic distance between me, the host and Jackie, the guest. Jackie lives and works in Afghanistan. 

You can find Jackie at and on instagram at 

You can also find her new project @onejanuarysport 


Find all the episodes of the  Mile after Mile Podcast at 

Follow Amy's adventures at 

Jun 22, 2020

Dr. Tekemia Dorsey is a triathlete, an Ironman triathlete if we’re being more specific, she’s a mom, she’s a race director, an author and she’s CEO of the International Association of Black Triathletes. I also learned in the interview that she was a professional football player. 

Dr. Dorsey tells us about her athletic history and her start in triathlon and how she got to Ironman. 

Dr. Dorsey shares with us how and why she chose to not just be a triathlete but to shift into a leader within the sport of triathlon starting her own club and becoming a race director. 

Dr. Dorsey shares the story of how the International Association of Black Triathletes started. She is also on the Board of Directors for USA Triathlon we talk about how those two groups work together.  

Dr. Dorsey shares with us some of the programs that she has developed for the International Association of Black Triathletes and why these programs are significant. 

We speak about NCAA Collegiate Triathlon. 

We speak candidly about diversity in triathlon and triathlon in urban communities. Dr. Dorsey puts me on the hot spot about what urban means to me. She shares how she sees the future of diversity in our sport and what each of us can do to move forward.

We talk about involving family in youth triathlon training. 

You can find Dr. Tekemia Dorsey and the International Association of Black Triathletes online They are also on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

Email at

**As a note. I tried something new in this interview which was recording the video while I recorded the audio. I made a mistake with my recording. My good podcasting microphone was not recording my audio. This was my error. I did not realize until I was editing. Many apologies. The good news is that my guest Dr. Tekemia Dorsey sounds great. **

You can find all the episodes of the Mile after Mile Podcast at 

You can find what the host Amy is up to at 


Jun 15, 2020

We live in dynamic times and I'm doing something I've never done before which is that I am re-releasing a previously recorded interview. This episode of the Mile after Mile podcast is an interview with Sika Henry and it originally released in January 2020. 

We discuss her Ironman World Championship race, bike crashes and her journey to become a pro triathlete. We also talk about diversity in triathlon. 

Jun 8, 2020

Cherie McCafferty shares with us her story of participating in the Little Dog Front Yard challenge. 

We get to know more about Cherie and what got her interested in Ultra Running. 

The ultra running community is a small interconnected community so we talk a little bit about how she discovered this virtual race. 

The Little Dog Front Yard Ultra was a virtual event. It is a unique format and Cherie explains how it worked. The concept is running 1-mile each hour and going on until the last person is standing.

Cherie was one of the last people standing in this race along with Sally van Nuland and John Price. This event went on for 10 and a half days and 244 miles. 

We chat about sleep and how she managed the format overall and how she kept herself going. 

Cherie shares some fun things that happened over the days and days that this race went on and on and on. 

We talk about this race from a spectator perspective (which is mine). 

This race ends when there is just one person left. In real life there is a physical spot and a person who checks that the participants are following the rules. In a virtual format this can be a little more challenging to regulate. Cherie is kind enough to talk about how this race came to a conclusion and the confusion that happened at the very end. 

We talk about sleep deprivation and what kind of support she had on her course in her neighborhood and some of the hard core amazing things she has coming up on her schedule.

Visit for show notes on this and other episodes of the Mile after Mile Podcast. 

Visit to find out what the host Amy is up to. 

Jun 3, 2020

I normally speak about endurance sports. Today I change that format to speak up in support of Black Lives Matter. 

You may not think that endurance sports directly relate to this cause but I personally think that they do and I share why in this episode. 

I believe that I have a personal responsibility to use my platform to speak out against injustice. 

I created this platform so that I could determine the content and this topic is important to me as the host of this show. 

I believe that to be silent is to be complicit. 

I believe that Black Lives Matter. 

Thank you for listening. 


Jun 1, 2020

Helene Dumais is a professional endurance athlete, coach and speaker. We chat about a race called Infinitus. 

  • Helene explains about The Endurance Society and the Infinitus race events. 
  • Helene Dumais ran 888k (which is about 550.6 miles) to become the first female finisher of Infinitus. 
  • We talk about other races she had done in the past and how she trained. 
  • We talk about the unique location and the terrain of Infinitus.
  • Helene explains how she planned to be able to finish this HUGE race. I learned that it took her more than one try to make it the whole way. So we talk about the earlier attempts which were both epic attempts but not the full distance under the time limit. On her third attempt in 2018 she did complete the entire distance within the time limit. 
  • We talk about the difference between different styles of ultra races including self-supported events. 
  • She shares how she found the Infinitus race. 
  • We talk about how she incorporates training into her everyday life. 
  • We talk about what it feels like to finish this event. We talk about the mindset and mental strategies she used. 
  • We also talk about recovery. 
  • Helene Dumais was so committed to the mission of finishing this epic event that she also created a documentary about her experience. This is called Facing Infinitus. 
  • “Life is like a race. We all have an Infintus to run in life. Beleive it is possible. Go one Step at a time.” - Helene Dumais

You can find The Endurance Society and Infinitus here:

You can find Helene Dumais at 

You can find her on Facebook as Helene Dumais Adventurer

The Facing Infinitus documentary is here:

You can find the full show notes and stream all the episodes of the Mile after Mile Podcast at and you can find the host, Amy Stone at 

May 25, 2020

Heike Yates and I discussed her running the JFK 50 miler in 2012.

Heike shares how she started running way before the JFK 50. 

We talk about the backstory of the JFK 50 and why she selected this race.

We talk about how she prepared for the race both with her training, nutrition and mental preparation. 

We discuss how runners step up from shorter races to Ultra marathons.

We talk about pancakes. It's a good story - you'll enjoy it. 

Heike shares the terrain and the course for the race and how her day unfolded on race day from the weather to her support crew and how long it took her to cover 50 miles of running. 

She shares how she made her running strategy for the race including pacing, making and using a cue sheet and being paced by her son.

Links mentioned in the interview:

Montgomery County Road Runners -

JFK 50 Mile Run

Today,Heike Yates is the creator of Pursue your Spark and you can find her at

Facebook:  @HeikeYates

Instagram: @HeikeYates

Twitter: @HeikeYates

Podcast: @PursueYourSpark

YouTube: @HeikeYates

You can find the full show notes for this episode at 

You can find the host, Amy’s site at

May 18, 2020

With no live events on the race calendar for a while Ironman Triathlon has released a series of virtual races which they call Ironman VR. 

So far they have released one each week at a variety of distances. All duathlons (run-bike-run) roughly lining up to 70.3 distance, 5150 which is similar to Olympic and Sprint or Super Sprint. 

I found a few folks who have gone all-in on these virtual races and done all of them so far. I call them Ironman VR Streakers.

Guests: Wendy Collicut, Ashley Raines, VanAnh McCormick, Doug Raab and Michael Dvorkin share a bit about themselves and a bit about why they have stuck to the streak of doing all the Ironman Virtual Races. 

This show is not sponsored by Ironman Virtual Races and there are lots of virtual races out there these days. If you are looking for the Ironman series you'll find it at


Visit www.mileaftermilepodcast for any links mentioned in the show. 

Visit to find out what the host (Amy) is up to. 

May 11, 2020

This is a new and special format of the Mile after Mile podcast. Instead of just one interview we have FOUR. 

Here’s the story behind the story for you.

Sometimes over at I put together a collaborative article where I go out and source answers to one question or a group of questions from other coaches. I put them all together in one big article and it’s very popular with my readers. 

As I was putting this latest article together I thought that this might also be a great format for a podcast. At the very end I threw out a casual invite the participants and said - hey if you want to be on the podcast to talk about this - let me know. Lucky for all of us they said yes.


This episode features Doug Morris of Palm Trees Ahead Coaching, Dr. Elaina Biechler of E-Fitness Coaching, Brian Stover of Accelerate 3 and Jennifer Harrison of JHC Coaching.

You can find these coaches at their websites here:

Here is the link to the full article with all 17 coaches.

You can find a link to the full article at in the show notes at


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