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The Mile after Mile podcast is created by and endurance athlete for to inspire other endurance athletes. The Mile after Mile podcast is inspiring interviews with everyday people doing amazing things in the world of endurance sports.
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Jul 25, 2016

SOS stands for Survival of the Shawangunks which Billy tells me are called "the gunks." The S.O.S. Triathlon is a special race in upstate New York with a small but extremely loyal following. After hearing Billy describe the race I think for good reason.

Billy blogs at Race Reports from an Unconventional Endurance Athlete.

Like so many of us Billy started his road to endurance sports with the goal to lose a few pounds.

Before the interview started Billy and I tried to look up how to correctly say Shawangunks which is part of the Catskills Mountains in New York but we were not entirely successful in figuring it out. So I hope that somebody listening will correct my attempt to find the pronunciation.

Billy found the S.O.S. Triathlon through the American Zofigen Duathlon.

It took Billy a few tries to register for the SOS Triathlon because it has a unique registration tradition.

There are 8 stages to the SOS Triathlon.

Stage 1 is a time trial bike on the roads.

Stages 2-8 start with a quick trail run to the lake and then you jump into a lake for a quick swim. Then it goes back and forth swim -run, swim - run all the way to the finish.

We talk about each stage of the race. How he handled swimming in between running and what he did with all his swim stuff when he wasn't swimming and his run stuff when he was swimming.

We talk about how you handle that feeling that seems to come up in every long event "why am I doing this?"

We talk about my big question with swim-run events which is do you get leg or toe cramps?

And of course, we talk about the finish.

What's next for Billy Hafferty is Ironman Coeur D'Alene and he gives a good shout out to his coach Jeff at Breakthrough Performance. He is one of three people I know training for CdA so let's wish them all luck.

You can follow Billy at his blog: He's also on Instagram at

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Jul 18, 2016

Ultraman Florida is a 3 day Ultra triathlon comprised of a 6.2 mile swim, a 263 mile bike and a 54.2 mile run and this year the female winner of the race was Jessica Deree. This is an amazing race and she is a fantastic age-group athlete and I just had to hear this story.

We talk about how she discovered Ultraman. Before she attempted Ultraman she did 5 Ironman races including Ironman Florida in 2012, Texas and Arizona 2013 Chattanooga and Arizona in 2014 and then Ironman Arizona in 2015.

We talk about training for a large event like this. Jessica was coached by Chuck Kemeny who is the race director for Ultraman Florida and the current World Record Holder for Ultraman. . We also talk about what an average training week looked like for her getting ready for this event.

Crew: Jessica's husband, Jennifer Hyton, Joan Kim, Jay, Rachel Wills of Moment Cycle Sports in San Diego.

Ultraman is a small race filling up at 40 racers.

Jessica grew up a swimmer so she loves the swim. We talk about the course and also her nutrition. She used Gatorade and Gu dissolved in water during the swim. A 6.2 mile swim in 3:05.

Immediately following the swim the racers get right on the bike for the first portion of the 263 mile bike ride. We talk about how she handled her nutrition during the ride and also each night of the race.

Ultraman follows a different rhythm than some other races and the participants all get to rest at night and restart each day at the same time. Day 2 is all bike riding. 171 miles of biking which includes 5000 feet of climbing in Central Florida.

We talk about how they time a 3 day event like Ultraman.

Day 3 is a double marathon 54.2 mile run.  We talk about how your legs feel at the start of this run and how Jessica and her coach employ a walk-run strategy for this mega long event. The run is a point-to-point course that incorporates the Clermont Clay Roads.

We talk about what you get when you finish Ultraman Florida.

We talk about what's next for Jessica which is Challenge Roth. Which happens the day before this podcast goes live. Amazing. Yes.

Thank you to Jessica Deree for being a guest on the Mile after Mile podcast and sharing this amazing story.

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Jul 11, 2016

Lori King says she can't remember a time when she wasn't swimming  but most recently she did something that is really incredible - she swam around the entire island of Bermuda.

Lori was a collegiate swimmer but she didn't tackle long distance open water swims until well after college.

Lori has done several other marathon swims mentioned in the interview.

Swim around Key West

8 Bridges

Catalina Challenge Swim

Swim around Manhattan

Around the Sound swim in Bermuda

She also talks about a 24 hour swim club. I did not find a specific  link to this club but if you want more information try

There is only one other swimmer who has swum around Bermuda and that was Shawn Connell in 1976. His swim was 48 hours.

To get ready for this swim Lori would do 10k lcm (long course meters) 5 days a week. at the Aquatic Center at Eisenhower Park.

It took a whole team to get this ready. I think I list them all here:

Bridgette Hobart - Swam Finger Lakes in upstate NY

Andrew Malinak

Rondy Davies -

David Barra -

Devon Clifford

Coach Bonnie Schwartz Nolan

Lynne Cox

Nick Strong and Mike Cash in Bermuda

Ilya Cherapru

Jim Butterfield and Brion Estis

Alex Hammond and Russell de Moura

Rosali Johnson was the talented photographer who donated her time.

Lori's swim around the Island of Bermuda took  just over 21 hours.

We discuss the rules of open water marathon swimming and how to handle nutrition on a long swim like this. Lori followed the rules of marathon swimming from.   Marathon Swimmers Federation .

Lori used CarboPro for this swim and in the interview she explains how and why she uses CarboPro to fuel.

Lori had to adjust the timing of her swim due to weather and we talk about the winds and seas that she battled for the entire swim.

We talk a lot about swimming overnight in the ocean which is fascinating.

We talk about the effect on her body of spending 21 hours in salt water.

We talk about the finish and what that felt like.

Lori is a mom and we chat about what her kids think about her swimming accomplishments.

Thank you Lori for being a guest on the Mile after Mile podcast and sharing your story.

You can follow Lori at or Instagram at

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Jul 4, 2016

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Marcus fell in love with multisport through Xterra offroad events but last year he tackled OtillO a SwimRun event in Sweden.

OtillO is a point to point race that transverses 26 islands in Sweden. They call this SwimRun. We talk about how this works. Marcus also was kind enough to tip me off that when speaking of SwimRun they put it all together in one word because I am a SwimRun novice. You race SwimRun as a 2-person team and Marcus's partner was Dan who had raced it the year before also.

To best understand the race here is a link to Marcus's blog and race report . The photos are spectacular.

Swim Run is a bit of a phenomenon in Sweden and Norway but there are 3 races coming to the US this year.

Marcus says that the toughest thing was going from swim to run to swim to run to swim to run. Although you'll hear from the interview that I was sort of obsessed with the equipment needed and the general concept of swimming in shoes and running in a wetsuit. Did you know there are special SwimRun wetsuits? Me neither.

Rockman SwimRun

Innov-8 shoes

Gu Energy Roctane

OtillO is a long race. When you add it all up it's 6 miles of swimming and 42 miles of running. WOW!

There are 120 teams. So 240 racers. The teams stay within 10 meters of each other.

Marcus and I talk about how the course was marked and what the terrain was like, what the support stations were like. The locals were really welcoming and supportive of the racers.

We talk about how his skin held up to all the friction from running and swimming and then running again. Body Glide, Tri Glide, Toe Socks

Marcus and Dan were the first team from the US to finish and it sure sounds like a fantastic finish line. Definitely listen to the interview to hear about who meets you at the finish.

Of course, as is fitting to any event that started as a drunken bet - there is beer at the finish.

Casco Bay SwimRun

SwimRun NC

SwimRun VA

Here's how you can keep up with Marcus Barton

Episode 27 of the Mile after Mile Podcast is sponsored by TriVillage.

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