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The Mile after Mile podcast is created by and endurance athlete for to inspire other endurance athletes. The Mile after Mile podcast is inspiring interviews with everyday people doing amazing things in the world of endurance sports.
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Aug 29, 2016

Alyson Venti is a runner. In fact, she's more than a runner she's an ultrarunner.

In this episode of the Mile after Mile podcast you'll hear the story of how she trained for and ran the Keys 100 ultramarathon. You can find the Keys 100 information at .

When she isn't running she works on Coral Reef Restoration. She now lives in Bermuda half-way up a very steep hill and you'll hear a few trucks going up the hill on the recording.

Alyson and I actually both lived in Miami at one point so we have two running stores in common. Those are Footworks ( in Miami and iRun ( also in Miami. iRun is a supporter of Alyson and a supporter of the Keys 100.

She has also run the Ghost Train 100 and The Long Haul 100. I didn't find a website for the Ghost Train 100. I think you can find it at but the Long Haul can be found at

We talk about coaching and training plans and then we talk about the race. If you think you run a lot of miles you will most likely be stunned by how many miles Alyson clocks every week. At least I was really impressed.

Her crew this year was her husband Teddy and friend Simon.

We talk about goals, setting goals and adjusting goals when things go differently than expected.

We talk about running in the heat. There are two things that make the Keys 100 unique. First it's an ultra run on pavement. Second you run in May in South Florida so it's crazy hot.

We talk about the Keys 100 run in detail. It starts at Mile Marker 100 in Key Largo and runs to Higgs Beach in Key West.

We talk about how she manages her crew car and nutrition. She shares a very cool t-shirt strategy that I am totally going to steal.

Alyson's time this year was 18 and a half hours. She uses GuEnergy electrolytes, Tailwind and Coconut Water with Chia seeds.

We talk about the dreaded GI distress that can happen in long races.

We talk about the mental challenges of running a 100 mile race. We talk about not giving up.

Alyson quotes Traci Falbo as a source of inspiration for how to not quit. You can find Traci at

Her personal website which is more than just running can be found at and she is also on Facebook.

Thank you Alyson for being a guest on the Mile after Mile Podcast.

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Aug 22, 2016

Full honesty - it wasn't my plan to have an episode that was all me. But with all my planning to prepare for vacation I did not leave enough time to find, schedule, record and produce an interview between when I got home and the first day of the week.

So instead you get me. With a side of more me. I put together 5 lessons that I learned from my 5th Ironman triathlon and I share them with you. I hope that you enjoy them.

If you are curious about more details about Ironman Boulder I wrote a whole race report at you can find it there.

Thank you for listening! Back next week with more interviews.



Aug 15, 2016

Dan Kimball has a passion for endurance events. We chat on this podcast about how he just finished an amazing event called UltraTri Sweden.

We talk about how Dan got his start in endurance sports and what the road he travelled all the way to UltraTri which I should mention he won.

He found OtillO through a book that listed the top endurance races in the world, which lead him to Rockman and back to OtillO which he raced with Marcus Barton who told their OtillO story earlier on the podcast. He has a friend in Norway who partners with him on some of these events named Bjorn Norman.

Dan is a part of the Timex Factory Team and has been lucky enough to race on Team USA several times.

Dan works full time and has a busy family life and we talk about how he manages to keep it all together while training for endurance events.

We talk about coaching and resources.

Dan says he's fascinated with becoming a swimmer and what is his favorite of the 3 sports right now. Dan trains with Rock Hill Masters in South Carolina and trains with Cheryl Reinke (and he says great things about her in the interview).

UltraTri is unique. A very small race and Dan was one of 7 participants this year. We talk about how you get into such a race and what the course was.

This is a 3-day race that goes across all of Sweden. The first day is a Swim and Bike. Day 2 is all Biking and Day 3 is Run - Swim - Run. The total distances are 12k of swimming, 520 km of biking and 93km of running.

We talk about the course and nutrition and challenges and support throughout the three days.

Dan won this year's UltraTri in Sweden. This is a great story.

 Thank you Dan for being a guest on the Mile after Mile Podcast. I am sure the listeners will agree with me when I say I can't wait to see what you do next.

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Aug 8, 2016

Before he could become an Ironman Steve Ashton needed to lose some weight and stop smoking.

He shares his story with me. At the beginning it isn't a story about training for Ironman merely a need to live a healthier life. Steve underwent Gastric Sleeve surgery and lost 154 pounds (or in his words 11 stone).

But then 5 years ago his dream to be an Ironman was born when he watched his son complete the race. Bolton is known as a tough course with a hard and technical bike course plus the chance for bad weather but Bolton is Steve's home town and that's where he wanted to race.

Steadily, methodically he ticked off the races, sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman and finally Ironman.

He followed the Don Fink Be Iron Fit plan and battled injuries along the way. He says he smiled all day and hopes to do it again. Based on how he describes the crowd support at the UK Bolton race it sounds like a good one.

Thank you Steve for being a guest on the Mile after Mile Podcast.

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Aug 1, 2016

Beth French and I chat about her swim across the English Channel in July 2012.

Growing up in England she says she's known about swimmers crossing the English Channel.

Swimming across large bodies of water isn't a foregone conclusion for Beth - as a child she had glandular fever. In the states we call this Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Beth calls the English Channel the Everest of Open Water Swims.

We talk a lot about the logistics of how you even schedule an English Channel Swim.

We talk about swimming in cold water. (brrr).

We talk about the challenge of dealing with the tidal pattern and the fickle English weather.

You can find general information and tips at

We talk about training for this long swim. She calls her training "random sporadic torture."

Beth explains to me how the route for the swim is arranged and how the tides affect the route.

I learned that Channel swims sometimes start in the middle of the night. She shares a good tip of the Varne Ridge Holiday park which is a great place for Channel swimmers to stay.

We talk about swimming at night and how you navigate the swim in the dark?

Beth swam for 15 hours and 6 minutes. We talk about nutrition for a swim that long. We also talk about weight gain before the swim.

Beth explains how her emotions affect how she feels about time during the race.

We talk about landing in France and how you get back to England when you're done.

The distance is 22 miles if you swim it in a straight line but Beth says the average swimmer will add about 1/3 of the distance to that.

I asked Beth what were some good resources for swimmers who want to swim the English Channel. She recommended the Channel Swimming Pilot Federation and also the Channel Swimmers Facebook Group.

Lastly we chat about her next challenge which is called the Oceans 7 Challenge. She wants to complete all 7 of these in one year.

You can follow at  She is on Facebook as Beth French on twitter @bethsbigswim

Thank you to Lucy for introducing me to Beth French.

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