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The Mile after Mile podcast is created by and endurance athlete for to inspire other endurance athletes. The Mile after Mile podcast is inspiring interviews with everyday people doing amazing things in the world of endurance sports.
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Feb 29, 2016

The Western States 100 is the oldest 100 mile race in the US. It's popular enough that you have to both prove you can run 100 miles and enter a lottery to get in.

Alex May tells the story of the year he ran the Western States 100. We talk about how he trained for the event. Some special challenges he had the year he ran and what went right and what went wrong.

If you've ever wondered about running a 100 mile run and perhaps even the Western States 100 then this is a great story for you.

Events and Links mentioned in this episode:

Western States 100

Alex May's Blog

Colorado Marathon

Boston Marathon


Feb 22, 2016

In 2014 Danielle decided she would swim around Key West. Not on her own because for more than 30 years this has been an annual swim.

It's a huge open water swim. 12.5 miles. Listen in as Danielle shares why she wanted to do this event, how she prepared and then what the day was like after all that preparation.


Links discussed in this episode include:

Swim Around Key West

Danielle's Sponsors

Base Performance

Sole Runners

Tri Everything

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Feb 15, 2016

Nicole Handler is a personal trainer in New York City. She loves running and crossfit. After running her first marathon at Walt Disney World Nicole went full Dopey for the next year.

We chat about what the Run Disney Dopey Challenge is and how she prepared for the event and what the Dopey Challenge was like to complete.

Links discussed in this episode:

Nicole's Blog

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Feb 8, 2016

Jeffrey Kline is a lifelong runner, multisport coach and most recently retail store owner in Portland, Oregon.

We chat about a recent run that he did as a fundraiser for his Patagonia Expedition Race. It's interesting because it's a 12-hour treadmill run. Yup 12 hours on the same treadmill.

Jeffrey Kline also has stage 4 prostate cancer which he speaks about.

He shares a lot of fun stories and some great information about motivation and how you can get ready for a race like this (if a 12 hour treadmill run is something you might want to do).

Resources mentioned in this podcast include.

To donate to their Patagonia Team you can donate here:

Rocky Raccoon 100

Ironman Boulder

Omission IPA